Exploring the Gospel

April 25, 2021

4th Sunday of Easter
Good Shepherd Sunday

John 10:11–16

The Fourth Sunday of Easter, also referred to as Good Shepherd Sunday, is about Christ, the Good Shepherd. 
Jesus tells His disciples that the Good Shepherd takes very good care of his sheep and will give up his life for them. Jesus reminds us that His sheep know him and His voice. Equally important, the Good Shepherd cares about those sheep who are not in his pen and will call to them so that they might join Him and be kept safe by Him. In the end, Jesus says, there will be one flock of sheep and one shepherd.

A video clip for elementary age children gives context to Jesus’ stories about the Good Shepherd and is available here.
If you would like to read a Youth Friendly version of this passage, you may find it here.

Discussion Questions (Elementary):  
Talk with your children about how much care sheep take, so that they understand how important a Good Shepherd really is. Discuss the difference between a “hired hand” who might just do the basics and the Good Shepherd, who would do anything to protect his flock. What does it mean when Jesus says that he wants the sheep who aren’t part of his flock to hear his voice too? What can your family do to help those who aren’t part of Jesus’ flock to know Him and hear His voice?

Discussion Questions (MS/HS):
Ask your MS/HS students they think might be considered good shepherds today? Why?
In what ways do they see Jesus as the Good Shepherd?
How do they put their trust in Jesus and depend on him to give them what they need?