Exploring the Gospel



October 25, 2020

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 22: 34-40

In this Gospel, Jesus introduces us to the two most important commandments; both of which are based upon love.
Jesus tells us that if we love God and others, all other rules and laws will fall into place.

This video, appropriate for elementary and middle school children, provides a reading of the Gospel, but also a discussion of what Love looks like. The youth friendly version of this week’s text is found here.

Discussion Questions (Elementary):
Talk to your children about the 10 commandments and explain that they were to guide God’s people throughout the Old Testament.  When Jesus came, he declared two, new, bigger Commandments.
Make a T-chart with your children. Label one half “Love God” and the other “Love others”, and see if they can fit each of the 10 Commandments under one of the two Great Commandments. Talk about the things that each of your family members can do individually, or as a whole family, to either “Love God” or “Love Others”. What does it look like when we do things that don’t fit under one of those two headings?

Discussion Questions (MS/HS):
As a family,talk about these questions.  Why do you think most people say that this is the most important teaching of Jesus? Why is it called the "law of love"? How does this sum up the Ten Commandments and other teachings of Jesus? Who are our neighbors? What does "as yourself" mean?