Exploring the Gospel


Sunday, January 17, 2021

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

John 1: 35-42

This Sunday, we hear John the Baptist proclaim that Jesus is “The Lamb of God."
We begin to see Jesus' following take shape as two of John’s disciples follow Jesus to “come and see."
One of the two men, Andrew, asks his brother, Simon Peter, to join the group - the first of disciples who joined Jesus.

If you would like to read the Gospel to your children, a youth friendly version of the Gospel may be found here.

Discussion Questions (Elementary):  
After you read or listen to this story with your children, remind them that the people who heard John call Jesus the “Lamb of God” would have understood that this referred to a servant who was led to slaughter like a lamb or the lamb that was killed for the Passover feast. So they would have understood the importance of this statement. Jesus offered John’s followers a chance to go a new direction by following him, when he said “Come and See”. 
Talk with your children about what it has been like for you, as an adult, to be asked to follow a new direction (maybe a
new job or a move, etc).  What made you decide to make the move down a new path? How did you feel?

Discussion Questions (MS/HS):
Talk with your middle school/high school students about what it feels like when Jesus enters our lives with the gentle call of his grace, how will we reply? Are we afraid he will ask too much of us? Or will we trust him? Will we be open to his call and a new beginning in our lives? Who will help us to bravely face new beginnings in our lives?